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It is the largest multinational enterprise group in South Korea. SamSung group includes many international subsidiaries, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung products, Samsung Life Insurance, etc. its business covers many fields such as electronics, finance, machinery, chemistry, etc.
Its subsidiaries include: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung motor, Samsung Heavy Industry and Samsung life, etc. Samsung's main products in China include: Samsung mobile phone, TV, digital video, computer office and BSV LCD splicing screen. Samsung Electronics: its main businesses are consumer electronics, DRAM and NAND flash, with a 9-year turnover of about 9.9 trillion won 700 billion.Samsung SDI: mainly produces solar cells, fuel cells, energy storage, etc. In 2008, the turnover was about KRW 302.8 billion. Samsung SDS: its main business includes it phase glass substrate, plasma filter, picture tube and glass. Samsung aviation: its main business is to produce Samsung bell 427 and provide services for bell, Boeing and other companies. Samsung Semiconductor: its main business is to produce SD card, the world's largest storage chip manufacturer.


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