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Core fling

Core fling

Core Feiling is a company engaged in the design of high-performance analog and digital analog hybrid integrated circuits. It focuses on the design, development and sales of integrated circuit products based on the advanced technology of deep submicron, and provides a complete set of solutions based on these products. It is a national certified high-tech enterprise.

型号 切换顺序 功率管 最大电流 拓扑结构 封装 备注   规格书
BVdss(V) Type
S4120M A->B->(A+B)/2 / / 可调 CC + S4120M + MOS SOT23-6 Pin2Pin S4120 下载
S4120MT (A+B)/2->A->B / / 可调 CC + S4120MT + MOS SOT23-6 Pin2Pin S4120 下载
S4225M A->B->(A+B)/2 400V Thyristor 280mA CC + S4120M SOP-8 Pin2Pin S4225 下载
S4225MT A -> B 400V Thyristor 280mA CC + S4120M SOP-8 Pin2Pin S4225 下载
S4512M A->B->(A+B)/2 400V Thyristor 260mA 线性*N+S4512M SOT23-6 搭配高压线性主控 下载
S4223M A->B->(A+B)/2 / / 可调  S4223M+CC SOT23-6 适合两驱、四驱等 下载
S4621M 100%->40%->10% / / 可调 S4621M + CC(PWM) SOT23-6 支持隔离、非隔离 下载


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