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About us

Lianward Technology

Shenzhen lianward Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer enterprise in the electronic industry in the Pearl River Delta. Founded in 2014, the company has been focusing on the distribution and agency services of electronic components since its inception, and is committed to becoming one of the most professional electronic component distributors in China.

Based in Shenzhen, the electronic capital of China, after years of accumulation and development, the company has become a powerful and well structured modern commercial organization with many subsidiaries and exhibition and sales departments. In the fierce market competition, lianward people do not forget their original intention, take no surprise, stand up the tide bravely, make full use of their own advantages, and adhere to the business idea of thinking what customers think and what customers are anxious about;Fast response and flexible operation guidelines; honest, pragmatic and hardworking nature of the enterprise, with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, the company has successfully established a good cooperative relationship with well-known enterprises at home and abroad in the fields of power, intelligence, industrial control, communication, small home appliances, security, modules, automotive electronics, drones, etc., and has been widely praised.

The company's existing product lines include: Yageo, Samsung, Murata, housheng, Changdian technology, LRC, Cr Siwei, SDS, Lilong, shunluo, etc. the products include chip resistor, chip capacitor, diode triode, electrolysis, inductive bead, light-emitting tube, integrated circuit and other supporting components, with affordable price, complete varieties and sufficient inventory.


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